Erik Wyman

Erik Wyman

Hi, my name is Erik Wyman; I have a BA in English, call myself a huge movie fan, and write whenever and wherever. I worked as a freelance writer, writing materials for magazines and blogs and performing spoken word. A couple of my books are considered national bestsellers, and I often facilitate workshops on relationship psychology.

A couple of years ago, I won an Audie Award and understood that I want my works to go digital. That’s when I stumbled upon a vacancy on As for now, I have been working with this platform for 4 years so far, and I’ve never been happier and inspired in my life.

What do colleagues say about Erik Wyman?
This man boasts impressive interviewing skills because an average discussion with him often turns into a captivating conversation where you aren’t afraid of talking on various topics. Also, as his coworkers, we believe that this skill helps him out in writing because he understands people better than anyone else.

Erik follows the “lifelong learning approach” and never stops improving his knowledge. Recently, he has finished a MasterClass by Judy Blume and OpenLearn Creative Writing Courses.

Articles Written By Erik Wyman

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